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deviation in storage by CokeSoap
deviation in storage by CokeSoap









Hello everyone!

Today I have sent out a few invitations to a couple of deviants to become Contributors of this group. What does this entail, you say? Well.. nothing really, it just enables you to skip the voting process and directly submit your image; the submission limit becomes 5 per day and also contributors can add as many group favorites as they wish. If you didn't receive a contributor invite/are a new member and would like to become a contributor please do three things: 1.) Have submitted 3 prior artworks to the gallery, 2.) Send an official request, 3.) Include a nice message in that request.

Members~ otherwise, nothing too drastic has changed; a few folder adds and subtracts with editing to the Welcome to the Group journal. The voting requirement has been lowered to 1 vote for an accepted image (this expedites the process, one admin's eyes is good for all).

If you're interested in becoming a controlling admin of this group please participate first as a member, or contributor and let me know whenever you feel ready! ^_^ Thanks so much everyone,

Happy fapping! (hehe, jk!)

Whats the Dealio and Where to Find Details

Hey guys Just wanted to help out a artist who is hosting a contest, some of you may know him by the name of Chris Hart. You probably read some of his books in school on how to draw. He was one of the people I looked up to when I started and I grabbed a couple of his books when I started, this guy is a great teacher. I digress though; he is hosting a contest and there is prize support and you can get some signed stuff by him and How to Books. I suggest you guys give it a go for fun or a little competitive edge. If you guys want to know how to enter and what other prizes are supported then click that Chris Hart Button below. Hope to see you guys enter and good luck. Most of all have fun.

If you know of a great picture from an inactive artist, or one that doesn't partake in groups... why not add their picture to our favorites? ^_^ Members can freely submit 5 favorites a day, non members can also submit one favorite a week. Admins have unlimited favorite privileges.

Happy hunting!

On requirement is that your favorites fit in with what we all want to see--naked anime girls! :D
Hey, kuo again~
I've submited many of my works as examples for the folders; I hope it helps.

The submission limit is 3 per day; they need 1 "yes" vote from an admin in order to be accepted.

If you'd like to contribute more artwork and help with quality control and folder selection, please let me know--I'd be happy to upgrade you based off of your artworks, personality and desire to help.

For more information on submissions and folders please visit the "Welcome to the Group" journal.
Hi! Welcome to Nude-Anime-Women; as the name implies, this group is dedicated solely to naked anime women! If you're someone whom loves to see naked anime women or draw them, this is the place for you!

General Rules:
1.) Be polite & intelligent.
2.) Only stay here if you like these kinds of images.
3.) Follow dA's ToS & no underage characters.
Submission Rules:
1.) Artworks must be drawn by the deviant submitting it, unless the image was previously free lineart up for color and the line art artist has been credited.
2.) Women depicted in such artworks must appear to be old enough, as in 18 years old.
3.) Clothing is allowed and acceptable so long as it is provocative and that the character is partially nude, if not completely naked in their "private" parts.
4.) Submissions must go into the proper folders.
Folder Explanation:
Featured; these images will be hand picked by administrators based off of quality and aesthetics, subject to change randomly over time.
Group Mascot; these images are to be fanart of the group's mascot.
Digital Works Solo; these images should be made digitally and only include one female character.
Digital Works Yuri; these images would include two+ women together, doing something sexual.
Traditional Works Solo; these image should be made traditionally and only include one female character.
Traditional Works Yuri; these images would include two+ women together, doing something sexual.
Artwork Fanarts All; these images would include any fan art from any series or game, using traditional or digital means to make them.
Doujinshi Pages; this folder needs to be drawn manga or comics that include at least one part of a naked woman.
Line Arts; this folder is for any line art that has any amount of slightly to fully nude women.
Sketches; this folder is for any sketches that has any amount of slightly to fully nude women.
Misc; this folder is for anything that won't fit into other categories but still stays in the general concept of the group.
3-D Works All; this folder is for all 3-D work.
Futanari All; this folder is self-explanatory.
Everything Else; this folder is self-explanatory.

Thanks to anyone whom joins or watches us, and I look forward to seeing a lot of amazing art work!

P.S. We are not elitist, however we do ask you submit to proper folders & put forth your personal best effort for the drawing submitted to us.

Thanks! Comment any questions you have here.

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Cookie-Splinters Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello; I submitted a deviation a while back and its still sitting and waiting for approval; if you'd like to decline my submission, that's fine of course.. I am just worried that it hasn't popped up in your inbox, I have this issue with a lot of groups, sadly.

Anyway, have a continued nice day, anyone reading this :3
Jagoryu Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Umm.. hi, may I ask why you declined my arts please? :confused:
RiverAngel16 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Student General Artist
Does anyone here rp yuri and prefer to be the domn?
SexyBigEars69 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
i take it you dont accept furries?
Dante2056 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
I'm guessing you're the one who submitted the Pikachu picture? If so, it was in the wrong category.
SexyBigEars69 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014
So where do i post it since it doesnt go in the fanarts folder?
Dante2056 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014
Well, considering I'm the person who declined it, you didn't submit it to the fanarts folder. You submitted to the Digital Works Solo folder. Which is why I declined it. I didn't bother saying what you did wrong because I'm sick of repeating the easily readable rules that are on the group's main page.
DestinyDannyPhantom3 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013  Student General Artist
Do you accept nude anime women drawn on bases that are credited? i'm curious that's all.
DestinyDannyPhantom3 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013  Student General Artist
May I join this group, plz? ^^ this group seems very interesting. :)
ecchi-pantsu Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you11163047vUV1VkPV by ecchi-pantsu  
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